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Balance Your Chi

Holistic medicine is a broad range of medical practices that are based on many years of tradition. With my Reike treatment, your body and mind will feel free and clear of all stagnant energy. A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one’s personal wellness.

Swedish Massage

An Ancient Science

Ahhh... the soothing sounds of gentle music as you blissfully lie beneath a soft sheet, cocooned in relaxing smells and dim light. You find your nerves unbundling and your troubles slipping away as seasoned hands massage your back, shoulders, neck, legs, feet, and arms..

Hot Stone Massage

Natural Healing

  Heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain. It helps increase blood flow to the affected area. It may also reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility and range of motion. Cold therapy helps relieve inflammation. Depending on your symptoms, alternating hot and cold stones during your massage may be helpful.

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